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What Your Wedding DJ Does (Besides Play Music)

Our flagship wedding DJ duo, Joseph & Erika, is known for providing live music and DJ services for weddings. But we do much more than just play music. We keep events running on schedule, manage sound needs, and set up lights to fit your theme. Think of us like your wedding coordinator, sound pro, and lighting designer all in one.

Looking for special playlists at your wedding? An experienced wedding DJ duo like us will make that happen with songs that match you. Our knowledge of what makes a wedding reception fantastic will keep the party going all night long.

We also ensure everything runs smoothly. If plans change unexpectedly, we quickly fix things, so guests won't notice. We'll also make transitions from one part of your event to the other a piece of (wedding) cake.

With over 20 years of experience, we create memorable moments by expertly handling the music (and much more!) at your wedding.

Key Takeaways

  • We do more than play music. We help your wedding stay on schedule, work with other vendors, and fix problems quickly.

  • We bring our own sound equipment for clear music and speeches and manage lighting to create the right mood.

  • We make unique mixes for key moments, like the first dance, to make each celebration special.

  • Before the party starts, we check all equipment to prevent technical issues on your big day.

  • We help pick meaningful songs for important parts of the wedding for a personalized touch.

Joseph & Erika: Live Music + DJ

We bring 20 years of experience mixing live music and DJ services for a variety of events. Your wedding will have the music you love, from the ceremony to the reception dance floor.

Our versatility makes us stand out at weddings, corporate events, non-profit gatherings, and private parties. We know how to deliver energy that keeps guests celebrating. 

Your big day will be filled with even more moments of joy thanks to our carefully selected songs & music. 

Joseph and Erika, Live music and DJ duo from Boston, MA
Photo by Steve Sheridan

The Role of a Wedding DJ

A wedding DJ keeps the party going and makes sure everything sounds great, keeping the wedding day timeline on track.

Beyond Just Playing Music

Experienced wedding DJs know how to work with your wedding planner or coordinator to make sure your day goes off without a hitch. While they play music, they also keep track of various elements that make your day extra special.

Our wedding band considers all of the seemingly small details. We use high-quality sound systems for clear speeches and great music sound. This works well in both big spaces and small reception areas.

We also manage the lighting to create the right mood for your night.

If surprises happen, experienced wedding DJs like us are prepared to quickly fix things without trouble.

Enforcing the Day-of Timeline

Wedding DJs want to keep the event on schedule as much as you do. If we’re running late, we make sure to adjust and update everyone, letting you enjoy your wedding day without stress—Joseph & Erika have it handled!

We also put our skills to good use by teaming up with other vendors for a cohesive experience. We make sure photographers capture big moments and serve as a clock of sorts, making sure each part of your celebration runs perfectly on time.

Joseph and Erika and their live band at an event in Newport, RI.
Photo by Lisette Rooney

Providing High-Quality Sound Equipment

We don’t simply show up and play music—we bring top-notch sound equipment, including microphones and speakers so everyone can clearly hear each performance, no matter what corner of the venue they may be in.

Before the party starts, we check all our gear to ensure it works perfectly. There will be no chance of awkward quiet moments or equipment failure during your precious moments. But, if anything goes wrong, we’ll fix it so quickly that you might not even notice. The party must go on!

Additional Services Provided by Wedding DJs

On top of all the other steps taken to make your wedding spectacular, as an experienced wedding DJ duo, we add lights, check sound, and craft special mixes for you, creating an atmosphere that compliments every song you choose.


Experts are huge fans of uplighting—using colored lights to make walls and ceilings match your big day’s colors. Uplighting can transform a space to be truly magical.

We will make sure we know your preferences for colors and effects. Not a fan of a certain color? Can’t have flashing lights? These are the details we pay special attention to.

Sound Checks

Before your special day, your pro wedding DJs will always check the sound. This helps us find problems early, avoiding awkward quiet moments or technical issues during your celebration.

We also test speakers and microphones to make sure everyone hears the music and speeches clearly. It’s not just about loudness; it’s about clear sound too. We walk around the venue, listening from different areas to ensure everyone enjoys the same quality experience.

All aspects of our careful planning will keep the party lively without interruption.

A bride and groom dance during the wedding, surrounded by family and friends.
Photo by Francielle Santo

Creating Mashups and Remixes

We make your wedding day special with our music by mixing and matching songs to flawlessly fit every moment. This means creating a romantic first dance song from your favorite beat (no matter how fast or slow the original track may be) or mixing tunes that show off your love story.

DJs can also alter tracks to get the exact feeling you want. We can speed up slow songs to add to the fun or blend different music styles to suit you both.

Our work is more than just playing songs; we create a soundtrack to make your day even more memorable.

Responsibilities of Wedding DJs

Wedding DJs play a major role in certain parts of your celebration. They’ll make sure your first dance is to a heartwarming track and avoid awkward silence with a cake cutting song.

They manage music and sound systems and fix problems quietly, such as a broken microphone or delays, to ensure your wedding day is magical.

Setting the Mood for the Reception

A professional wedding DJ does a lot for your big day, including playing the right songs and using lights to make the place look great. Good music encourages everyone to have fun and get comfortable.

The DJ also artfully picks tracks that fit each moment, from your first dance to the last song of the night.

Don’t forget about the lighting! Your DJ can take a blank event venue and light up the room with colors that match your theme. The lights add to the mood of each song, making those special moments even more enchanting.

Not sure if your wedding is suitable for a live music & DJ duo? Let Joseph & Erika surprise you! We help celebrate all kinds of weddings, from big parties to quiet gatherings, and even destination weddings in far-off places! No matter where you say, “I do,” we want it to feel just right for the two of you.

And if you're into keeping traditions alive—like choosing matching bridesmaid gowns or planning a memorable wedding shower—we are all in! Or maybe you want something less traditional? We love mixing old customs with new ideas too! Flexibility is key for wedding entertainment.

For those dreaming of intricate gowns or unique venues in the Boston area—count us in!

Get ready to make memories together—ones filled with laughter, fantastic music, and joyous celebrations across the greater Boston area (or wherever else). That's what being part of your wedding party means—to bring out every beautiful detail together!

Helping Couples Choose Special Songs

Experienced wedding DJs help couples choose special songs for big moments in their wedding. They’ll guide you to select music that shows your style and feelings, picking songs that are meaningful to you for first dances or parent-child dances. 

We create a personalized playlist for your wedding day timeline to make sure the music fits perfectly into every part of your celebration. This includes playing a variety of songs, making mashups, remixing songs, or cutting songs short.

Your wedding will be a unique experience, masterfully tailored to you and your spouse.

A bride and groom hold hands while celebrating at their wedding ceremony.
Photo by Idena Beach

Covering Up Hiccups

Of course, everybody wants their wedding to be perfect. But if something goes wrong, like a delay or no audio, a DJ will fix it fast.

The DJ booth is our hub for solving problems, such as adjusting sound levels right away, sorting out any equipment troubles, or switching up the music if your guests aren’t enjoying it.

We know how to keep the party going by mixing songs or changing tracks quickly. We keep the energy high to ensure no one even notices that there was a problem—we can handle issues quietly and efficiently!


Your wedding DJ does more than play music. They keep the event on schedule, make sure the sound and lighting are just right, and get everyone dancing. They're the key to making your day special.

Picking the right songs is important, but the skill of your wedding entertainment matters too. Choosing Joseph & Erika for your wedding entertainment means you can rest easy, knowing that we’ve got you covered.


1. What else does a wedding DJ do, besides playing songs?

Your wedding DJ takes on many roles—they manage the day's timeline, keep up with traditions, and even handle social media posts. They're not just responsible for the music; they help ensure your special day is free of problems.

2. Can a wedding DJ help with planning our big day?

Absolutely! DJs often help create a seamless wedding-day timeline. They work closely with you to understand your preferences, making sure every moment is perfectly timed from start to finish.

3. Do DJs offer anything fun for guests?

Yes, definitely! Many DJs bring along extra entertainment options such as photo booths. These add an interactive element to your celebration, giving guests memorable snapshots of your big day.

4. How can I find out how much a wedding DJ costs?

The best way is through direct communication—send them an email or give them a call. Most DJs are happy to provide a cost estimate once they know more about your specific needs and preferences.

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