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9 Wedding Trends For 2024 - What's In & Out

Updated: Apr 15

Planning a wedding in 2024 means checking out what’s hot and what’s not. The latest trends will make your wedding a smash hit, from candid cameras that catch special moments in real time to saying goodbye to the big bridal parties of the past.

Your guests will have a blast snapping fun photos with disposable cameras, sharing those happy memories in digital guest books, and getting down on the dance floor with both a DJ and live music duo. Drone photos? Yes, please! They’re on the rise for giving you those epic aerial shots.

And let’s not forget the food! Menus that feel more like family dinners than formal feasts are making their way into celebrations of love in 2024.

On the flip side, some older trends are making an exit—like sweetheart tables and farewell brunches.

The modern wedding is moving towards more intimate settings after the party ends. Big groups of bridesmaids in matching dresses? Those are also taking a backseat for more personal style choices.

Ready to explore the latest wedding trends? Read on to find your favorite!

Key Takeaways

  • Candid cameras catch real, fun moments at weddings.

  • Guests can enjoy to-go cake slices and dessert stations.

  • Couples are choosing digital guest books for their weddings.

  • Live music and DJs together make the party more exciting.

  • Drone photos offer a new view of wedding memories.

A bride and groom share their first dance at their wedding reception
Photo by Simi Rabinowitz

Top 9 Wedding Trends for 2024

After the hard work of planning your wedding, you want it to be perfect. That’s why you need the inside scoop on what’s going to be hot at weddings this year. These trends will make your wedding truly unforgettable.

First off, gone are the days of stiff poses and forced smiles—candid cameras are where it’s at now. They’ll catch all those unplanned moments that show the real joy of your day without interrupting the fun for posed shots.

And for folks who love a sweet treat but can't stay for cake, to-go slices and dessert stations are becoming a thing—talk about having your cake and eating it too.

Now let's chat about guest books. Digital, vintage-feeling versions are popping up everywhere. They're not just easier; they let you capture memories in creative ways. Professional photography is also getting an upgrade with documentary-style snaps showing every genuine moment without you even noticing the photographer is there.

Music lovers, this trend is for you—combining live music duos with DJs is becoming all the rave! You get the best of both worlds throughout your entire wedding celebration.

Candid Cameras

Candid cameras are all the rage for weddings now. They catch those real, unplanned moments that make your day special. You can look forward to guests snapping away with disposable and Polaroid cameras, capturing laughter and tears from angles your photographer might miss.

Think of it as having a bunch of extra eyes at the party, all catching those unguarded smiles and surprises.

These are the pictures you’ll look back on and laugh, or maybe even shed a happy tear over as you remember your day spent with loved ones.

To-Go Wedding-Cake Slices and Dessert Stations

At weddings these days, making things relaxed and fun is the way to go. That's why dessert stations and to-go wedding cake slices are hitting the spot for so many couples. Instead of sitting down and waiting for a slice of cake, guests can jump up whenever they feel like it and choose from a variety of sweet treats.

Think cookies, mini cakes, or even chocolate-dipped fruits laid out beautifully for everyone to enjoy at their own pace.

This trend really helps in creating an easygoing vibe at the wedding party. It's part of moving away from stiff traditions towards something more personal and casual—like having a celebration where love is the main focus, not just following rules.

Digital Guest Books

Digital guest books will be a big hit for weddings in 2024. They're like time capsules that preserve all the sweet messages from your guests for whenever you want to revisit your day. No more fear of spilling wine on the paper guest book or losing it during the wedding chaos.

Plus, you can scroll through heartfelt wishes whenever you desire—truly special.

Audio guest books are another great option on the rise for weddings this year. Some have a fun, vintage feel and focus on the guests in attendance, while others are strictly digital to allow family and friends who couldn’t make it to still leave special voicemail messages.

Let's say goodbye to pen and paper—your wedding deserves this tech-savvy upgrade!

A bride and groom celebrat at their wedding reception
Photo by Idena Beach

Documentary-Style Photography

Documentary-style photography is all about capturing your wedding just as it happens, real and unposed. Think of it like a fly on the wall on your big day. This style gets all those natural moments—laughter, tears, dances, hugs—without anyone having to pose or say "cheese." Sounds pretty cool, right? The photographers blend in with guests to get these shots.

They're always on the move, looking for genuine emotions and split-second moments that tell the story of your day.

Plus, adding documentary-style snaps alongside traditionally posed ones gives you the best of both worlds in your wedding album. And isn’t it true that everyone looks their best when they’re being themselves? Capture the authenticity of your wedding day’s live music and DJ vibes with documentary-style photography for an album that feels entirely your own.

Live Music Duo + DJ Wedding Entertainment

Choosing the music and entertainment for your wedding is one of the most important decisions you'll make in your planning process. There are endless options for live bands and DJs—but what if you could have both?

Joseph & Erika have been hitting stages worldwide for over 20 years, bringing a unique mix of live tunes and DJ vibes to weddings just like yours. They can elevate your ceremony and cocktail hour with intimate live music before transitioning to a high-energy DJ set for your dance party.

It's not every day you find entertainment that can flex from live acoustic serenades during your ceremony to an all-out dance party at the reception.

Forget about awkward silences or generic playlists; Joseph & Erika’s goal is to make sure your big day sounds unlike any other wedding out there—with a vibe that's as lively and unique as your love story.

Drone Photography

Drone photography has really taken off for weddings in 2024. It's like having a bird's eye view of your special day. These flying cameras capture angles and moments that just can't be caught from the ground.

Now, let's talk tech without diving too deep into geek speak. A drone is more than just a toy; it’s a sophisticated piece of equipment piloted by professionals who know how to navigate its flight for the best shots—while keeping safety in check, of course! Drone photos offer sweeping views over landscapes, intimate moments captured from above without intrusion, and unique perspectives on classic scenes.

Meaningful, Nonformal Menus

Couples are all about making weddings unique and personal in 2024. That goes for the food, too—goodbye to the same old, formal dinners at weddings. Now, the goal is to serve dishes that mean something special to you and your partner.

Maybe it’s your grandma's famous pie or a cool dish from your first date. Whatever it is, adding these foods makes the meal unforgettable for everyone.

The trick here is not just picking any food but choosing ones with stories behind them. This way, when guests dig into their plates, they’re not just eating; they’re sharing a piece of your love story.

Wedding Crests

Wedding crests are the new must-have for your big day in 2024. Think of them as your own special logo or emblem that shows off you and your partner's style. You can use this cool design everywhere—from your invitations to the decor at your celebration spot.

Consider it your way of putting a personal stamp on every part of your wedding.

Creating these crests is super fun, too. Collaborate with an artist or use a design app to mix symbols, letters, and colors that mean something to you both. Maybe add in some music notes if live tunes are your thing, or sneak in a little drawing of the family farm where you're saying, "I do."

This trend is all about personalizing your wedding to show both of your personalities—from the invitation stage to the last song of the night.

Negative Space

Negative space is all about the blank areas in your wedding design. These are the quiet spots that let your main attractions shine. For example, a simple backdrop lets those live acoustic jams and DJ beats stand out more with less visual distractions as you watch the performers do what they do best.

Embracing negative space is like having an empty canvas where only the best parts of your wedding get to make their mark.

These choices keep things chic without crowding the vibe you're going for—especially when blending tunes and stylish moves at your party. Our advice? Accept these open spaces. They're not just empty spots; they're opportunities to highlight what truly matters on your big day.

Wedding Trends That Are Out for 2024

Let’s talk about what's gone stale for weddings in 2024. You know those sweetheart tables and massive bridal parties that everyone used to go gaga over? Well, they're taking a back seat now.

And remember when post-wedding brunch was a thing? If you hated those, you’re in luck—the brunch has been left behind. It seems like simplicity is key for modern couples, and personal touches are stealing the show from these old trends.

Wave goodbye to matching bridesmaid dresses and traditional cake cuttings—we're moving on to fresh concepts.

Sweetheart Tables

The talk of the town (or should we say weddings) is all about where lovebirds are choosing to roost during their big day. This has changed, too—sweetheart tables are losing their appeal.

Couples now crave a more inclusive dining experience. Instead of sitting pretty at a table for two, they're joining their guests at larger tables. This trend embraces togetherness and the true spirit of your wedding—sharing the joy and being surrounded by loved ones.

This move towards communal dining speaks volumes about today's couples. They want everyone to feel like they are a part of their special moment—not just spectators from afar. Plus, let’s be real—with killer live music and DJ mixes setting the vibe, who wants to be stuck at a lonely table? Joining in on the fun with everyone else makes those moments unforgettable.

After all, it's your party too!

Farewell Brunches

Farewell brunches are seeing less love these days. People now crave peace after a weekend full of celebration. They prefer to unwind rather than gather for one more event. This means goodbye to hosting morning-after meals that extend the festivities.

Instead, couples are choosing laid-back goodbyes or skipping the extra gathering altogether. It's all about simplicity and enjoying the moment without stretching out the farewells too much.

Guests appreciate this shift, as it gives them time to relax before heading back home.

Large Bridal Parties

If thinking about all of the people you might include to be in your bridal squad makes you want to pull your hair out, you can breathe a sigh of relief—large bridal parties are out, and smaller, cozier ones are in.

Shift your focus from including as many people as possible to spending quality time with each person you choose. Instead of a huge group where it's hard to connect with everyone, think of having just a few close friends or family members by your side.

This way, everyone feels special and included.

Choosing outfits for the wedding has become easier, too. Gone are the days when every bridesmaid wore the same dress. Now, bridesmaids show up in unique gowns that fit their own style but still mesh well with the group.

Traditional Cake Cuttings

Cake cuttings at weddings are getting a sweet new look. More couples are skipping this old ritual altogether in favor of fun dessert stations or to-go cake slices.

This change makes the dessert portion of the celebration more relaxed and personal. You won’t have to suffer through stuffy, staged moments when everyone watches you and your newlywed slice a cake.

We love mixing things up with dessert options that match our style – think pies, cupcakes, or even a cheese tower for those who aren't big on sweets. And guess what? Our guests can't get enough of it! They dive into these treats while enjoying live music and DJ beats at the party.

Mixing things up with dessert options that match your style will make your celebration even more enjoyable—think pies, cupcakes, or even a cheese tower if you aren’t big on sweets. Your guests will dive into these treats while enjoying live music and DJ beats at the party.

This way, everyone gets a piece of the joy without pausing the fun for a traditional cake cutting ceremony.

A minimalist flower arrangement on a table at a wedding reception.
Photo by Georgie Morley

Formal Departures

You know those traditional big, fancy goodbyes at weddings—the couple jumps into a fancy car and they both wave as they drive off. Well, those formal departures are starting to fade out.

Weddings are moving towards more relaxed endings. Think about it—after a whole day of celebrating, saying goodbye in a huge way can feel a bit much.

Instead of going for the grand exit with sparklers or riding away in an antique car, couples are keeping it low-key. They might just mingle with guests until the end or have a small send-off with close family and friends.

This change makes sense with the increased importance put on personal touches and making everyone feel included at modern weddings. It's not just about the show anymore but creating memories that last and include everybody until the very end.

Matching Bridesmaids Dresses

Gone are the days of every bridesmaid wearing the same dress. Now, it's all about letting individual personalities shine through different gowns. More and more brides are opting to give their bridal party a color scheme and let them pick unique dresses that fit their style and body type.

This way, everyone feels good and looks great in photos.

By choosing nonmatching bridesmaids' dresses, you also make shopping much easier. No more dragging your friends to countless stores to find one dress that works for everyone. Instead, they can find something they love and might even wear again! Mixing patterns, styles, and hues adds more visual interest to your wedding look than multiple identical dresses.

Plus, it shows you care about your friends' comfort on your big day.


While all shiny new things seem fantastic, some may not stay cool forever (hello giant bridal parties of yesteryear), so mix modern vibes with timeless touches.

Overall, weddings in 2024 should be just like today's couples: unique and fun-loving, but also thoughtful about inclusion and each other.


1. What's the deal with wedding dresses in 2024?

Similar to wedding trends overall, traditional is out and daring is in! Nontraditional wedding dresses that make you go "Wow!" are really having their moment. Think bridal suits... Yes, suits! If luxury fashion experts Viktor & Rolf say it's cool, who can argue with that? And sneaker lovers, it’s your time—comfy feet are finally hitting the aisle.

2. Are big weddings still a thing?

Not really… It’s like everyone suddenly realized how cozy private ceremonies can be. Saying “I do” with just your nearest and dearest around is so much more intimate and special than making small talk with people you barely know. And think of the savings you can use for that epic honeymoon, or even a house!

3. Music at weddings—what’s changing there?

Live acoustic music is taking center stage! Forget about that DJ pressing play on pre-recorded tracks; now it's all about strumming guitars and heartfelt sing-alongs. Your first dance to a live acoustic version of your special song will be magical in a way that a recording playing through a speaker just can’t provide.

4. How about after-parties?

The after-party vibe for 2024 is more laid-back than ever. Swap those high heels for sneakers (yes, they're making another appearance) because comfort is key when dancing till dawn.

5. Is black-tie still the go-to for wedding attire?

Here’s the scoop: while black tie will always have its charm (hello tuxedos and bow ties!), wedding fashion is also shifting towards more relaxed vibes... Even at fancy-schmancy receptions! So yes, bring on those stylish trousers and maybe even dare to rock a jean jacket if you feel bold.

6. What trends should I definitely avoid for my 2024 wedding?

Mermaid dresses are swimming away into the sunset, along with overly formal settings that make guests stiffen up faster than you can say "bouquet toss." Also out? Those massive floral arrangements that block Aunt Linda from seeing anything at all during the ceremony.

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