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Why You Need an Acoustic Sing-Along at Your Wedding Reception!

Joseph and Erika perform at a wedding cocktail hour.
Photo by Esther Mathieu

Your big day is just around the corner, and you want it to be unforgettable. What better way to achieve this than through music?

An acoustic wedding reception sing-along elevates your wedding experience by leaving you and your guests with a truly unique experience that will be remembered for years to come.

After Erika’s epic DJ set at your reception, we love to finish the night off with a crowd favorite -- our high-energy, live acoustic sing-along with tunes for everyone to enjoy. It's like being at a dive bar with all of your favorite people at the end of the night, singing your hearts out!

This is a unique experience that will fill your wedding with warmth, laughter, and heartfelt singing.

Key Takeaways

  • An acoustic sing-along at your wedding makes the celebration fun and interactive, with guests of all ages joining in on songs.

  • You can choose special songs that are meaningful to you and your partner, personalizing the music for your big day.

  • Acoustic music involves everyone, from kids to grandparents, creating memories together.

Why Have an Acoustic Wedding Reception Sing-Along

Joseph performs at a wedding reception.
Photo by Emily Delamater

An acoustic wedding reception sing-along brings a unique spark to your big day. You’ll never forget your guests, everyone you love from every part of your life, joining their voices in song and filling the room with joy and unity––all for you and your newlywed!

Whether it's belting out classic hits like “Mr. Brightside” or swaying together to “Tennessee Whiskey,” the music creates a bond that lasts far beyond the dance floor.

This kind of sing-along doesn’t just entertain you and your guests; it gives all of your guests the chance to make memories with you. From your littlest niece to your grandfather, each guest can find something to enjoy.

Creates a fun and interactive atmosphere

Having an acoustic sing-along at your wedding reception brings everyone together, making for a lively and engaging celebration. 

Your friends and family, from the little ones to grandparents, can join in on classics like “Brown Eyed Girl” or shake it up with a modern hits like “Season of the Sticks.” This shared experience brings guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor, fostering a sense of unity and joy.

Our extensive songlist offers personalized music choices, meaning you can select songs that hold special meaning to you as a couple, or pick favorites that are sure to get everyone on your guest list excited.

An acoustic performance to cap off your wedding reception adds an authentic touch that complements a DJ set perfectly. Like one of our past clients says, this mix of live music and DJing "hits just right." 

This setup ensures your wedding guests enjoy a show, but also becomes part of the memorable moments themselves.

Personalized and sentimental music

You can make your wedding day even more special with personalized and sentimental music. Choose songs that mean something to you and your partner, or are special to your family, can make this moment even more meaningful.

For instance, maybe your family members are huge Billy Joel fans -- and an acoustic sing-along to "Piano Man" will bring everyone together. Or, maybe you grew up listening to Blink-182 and you know that a sing-along to "All The Small Things" will make your high school and college friends go crazy!

Our acoustic duo can bring these songs to life in a way that a standard DJ set can't quite compare to. That's why we love incorporating acoustic singalongs into the reception -- it truly gives you the best of both worlds!

Based on your suggestions, we'll choose songs that will keep everyone engaged, from younger guests to older relatives, creating unique moments that make everyone feel included in the celebration.

Involves and entertains guests of all ages

Acoustic wedding reception sing-alongs have a unique way of bringing everyone together. The whole room will light up as classic tunes or modern hits are played in an acoustic style.

Acoustic sing-alongs are a perfect complement to your wedding reception after a DJ set. We typically transition into our sing-alongs set with 20-30 minutes remaining in your reception before the end of the night.

Think of it like a "grand finale" where we play a whole set of songs that are guaranteed to get guests of all ages gathered together on the dance floor and enjoying the party.

This means no guest is left out; everyone gets drawn into the celebration. The joy of music should be a shared experience, making these moments unforgettable not just for you as the married couple, but for every single person present.

A bride and groom celebrate at their wedding reception.
Photo by Emily Delamater


Having an acoustic wedding reception sing-along sets your special day apart with a memorable, interactive experience that gets everyone involved. From young to old, your guests will share the joy of music, making every moment feel personal and full of love.

This unique opportunity turns timeless tracks into memories you’ll cherish forever. Our expertise allows us to choose songs that we know will get everyone excited to sing along, bringing you and your loved ones closer together on your wedding day.


1. Why should I choose acoustic songs for my wedding reception sing-along?

Acoustic songs create an intimate and exciting atmosphere that can make your reception feel more personal. The energy of a live performance is perfect for bringing everyone together, making your special day even more unforgettable.

2. Can any song be turned into an acoustic version for my wedding?

3. What services do Joseph & Erika provide?

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